Outreach – December

St. Martin’s has “adopted” a family of six who was devastated by tropical storm Ida. The Church is working through HOME (formerly IHN) to make it possible for this family to celebrate Christmas and receive Christmas gifts. They have lost everything and it is our goal to provide clothes and toys for the four children as well as other items needed by the family. 

Last weekend a giving tree was placed in the church and 29 of the 31 “ornament” gift tags were taken proving once again how generous the parishioners of our Church are.  There is a list taped to the window by the tree and also on the bulletin board suggesting items the family could use such as soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, etc. Their home is in such bad shape that we cannot take donations of furniture or kitchen items, etc. at this time but it is our hope that as the father repairs their home, we will be able to help them with other items. If anyone has an electric blanket, that would be very helpful as the nights are getting cold and they have no heat. Donations may be placed in the red bin, under the table, in the narthex.

For those who may not have had the opportunity to select a gift tag, additional ones will be placed on the tree next Sunday. Also, if you would like to donate but are unable to shop, Outreach is collecting cash donations and will do the shopping for you. Please give any financial assistance to Fr. Rob or Len Cacciatore. 

All gifts are to be returned to the church on or before December 19th. You may wrap the gifts or return them unwrapped and volunteers will wrap them for you. Just remember to attach the “ornament” tag you took from the tree to the package. On December 19th, we will be having a fellowship pasta dinner where we will be wrapping gifts and Father Rob will bless the gifts.