The Stewardship team plans and administers a year-round stewardship program of information and interaction to encourage all parishioners to give of their time, talent and treasure for ministry. Activities culminate each year on a Fall Sunday of Celebration and Commitment.

How can we thank God for all he has given us?

By returning some of our gifts back to God…

TIME is really just the gift of life He has given us. We should return some of our time back to Him – in our thoughts and in our deeds.

TALENT is a special gift He has given each of us – but we’re all different and have different talents. Let us make use of our particular talent as we serve God.

TREASURE is a measure of the wealth or material things that we have collected during our life – generally, from the effective use of our time and talents here on earth. A portion of this treasure can also be offered to God as Thanks for his gift of Creation.

The Heart of a Pledge Stewardship is:

Thanksgiving – we give thanks to God for all that we have been given and respond by sharing what we have with others
Joy – through stewardship and sharing we discover what our time is worth. It brings us closer to God and we feel more grounded and experience deep joy
Commitment – do our beliefs reflect our commitment? How we spend our time, talent, and treasure is an powerful indication of our spiritual life and our stewardship
Good News – God has given us creative power and entrusted us to manage this potential to show the world the image and likeness of God.

Your stewardship, how you give of your time, talent and treasure, is a personal decision. As you consider your stewardship of God’s creation:

  • Pray – Ask God to give you a clear vision of the prudent management of the resources you control.
  • Listen – Communication with God in prayer goes both ways, if we let it.
  • Observe – Evaluate what you have compared to the majority of people in the world.
  • Decide – Determine what portion of your resources should be returned to God for the benefit of others, in Christ’s name.
  • Remember – Your commitment is based on your situation now. If your situation changes, it is appropriate that your pledge changes also.
  • Offer – Present your pledge of money to God at the Altar and offer your pledge of time and talent through participating all year long.

A Stewardship Prayer
Loving God, we thank you for the rich abundance in our lives. Open our eyes to see that, in being so blessed, we can, in turn, abundantly bless others. Open our hearts to feel the powerful generosity of your Spirit and let go of our fear and judgment. Open our ears to hear the needs of this church and community. Open our minds that, whenever called, we offer the world our measureless love, our generous time, our unique talents and treasure. Quicken our hands to your service, breathe your Spirit into us and touch us with the life of Christ.   Amen.