St. Martin’s Episcopal Church is a Christ-centered, inclusive, and compassionate community, accepting all. We gather to worship God, grow in faith, and share fellowship. We do good by serving Christ and by serving others. All are welcome here!

The community of St. Martin’s is fathers, mothers, young adults, and children of all ages, cultures, and races.

We are a community of rich and diverse relationships. We are straight and gay, single, married, divorced, re-married, and widowed. We are of all political and social persuasions. As an Oasis welcoming community, we are committed to inviting and supporting all people to worship with us and become part of our parish family. We openly welcome those who feel the have been excluded because of their sexual orientation or identity, and are seeking a safe, welcoming, and inclusive spiritual home.

We are also a Jubilee Center – an advocate in the fight against poverty and inequity.   Jubilee Ministry is an initiative of the Episcopal Church to engage congregations in the important work of empowering people to change their lives.  In short, Jubilee Ministry is faith in action.

We are a community who look to teach and affirm the word of God for each of our children through a structured Sunday School program. We are also committed to our elders and others who may have physical disabilities by providing fully accessible facilities.

All are welcome at St. Martin’s. In the spirit of our patron, St. Martin of Tours, we delight in the rich diversity of God and welcome all to this community of faith, where ever they may be on their journey.