St. Martin’s has a genuine feeling of community where the people care about you and your family.   The Kuba-McCoy Family, Somerville

What keeps us coming to St. Martin’s? The wonderful, caring people; the relevant, down-to-earth preaching; and the fact that it has become a “home” for our three teenagers.   The Maloney Family, Warren

Everyone is welcome at St. Martin’s. It’s a very warm, accepting community of great  people. Very much a “come as you are” congregation.  M. Burchill, Califon

St. Martin’s is a welcoming, spiritually uplifting community that actively helps those in need. It’s a great church for our family!   The Hawley Family, Bridgewater

The most comfortable church I’ve ever attended…so many delightful people!   C. Kinkead, Basking Ridge

Good, caring community of people. Down-to-earth sermons.   The Swanton Family, Somerville

Friendly and happy!   D. Bachman, Bridgewater

St. Martin’s is a welcoming communtiy of caring, generous and thoughtful persons.   G. Endick, Hillsborough

There is a sincere, warm, family-caring atmosphere.   G. Rusch, Bridgewater