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May 25, 2022 News

Anglican Novena for Pentecost; Confirmation; Youth Group; Summer Church Camp; Mystery Night Fellowship Event; Outreach; Prayer Requests. Click on the image to view the Weekly Email.

Confirmation & Reception – November 13, 2022

Bishop Stokes will be visiting us on Sunday, November 13 (St. Martin’s Sunday). On this Sunday youth and adults will be Confirmed by the laying on of hands by the Bishop. Newcomers who were confirmed in the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, or Lutheran Churches may be received by the laying on of the hands by the […]

Youth Group – June 5, 2022

All youth grades 6-12 are invited to attend a “Get to Kow You” event on Sunday, June 5, from 5-6:30 pm at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Somerville. This is the inaugural meeting of a new joint Episcopal Youth Group which will begin meeting once a month in the Fall. If you have any questions, […]


Rogationtide is a short season within the larger Easter celebration in which we celebrate God’s love for the created world, and ask for God’s blessing, in particular, on seeds, farms, and human labor which brings the fruits of the earth to our tables. It is an ancient celebration, which obviously was a more integrated part […]