50th Anniversary Celebration

 Feb 1-3, 2019 

Our 50th Anniversary celebration weekend was wonderful with Friday’s pizza for our teenagers and their leaders, our dinner on Saturday at 6pm at Venue 518 and our Eucharists celebrated on February 3rd. Bishop Chip Stokes was present at the Saturday and Sunday celebrations. At the dinner he read a congratulatory letter that summarized our history and our present day ministry of worship formation and outreach. Very impressive!

Thanks to the 50th Anniversary Celebration Committee – Yvonne Comeau, Alison Jandak, Donna Renda, Deborah Williams, Laura Butrico, Stacey Todoroff, Laura Vernon and Kristin Cothran. Bravo! Great job!

The Sunday Eucharists with the Bishop Blessing us with holy water after our renewing Baptismal vows, Blessing the new Vestry, celebrating at 10:30, sharing his own comments on Parish ministry and participating in our Adult Forum was priceless. The flowers were beautiful and service music was uplifting.

On Sunday, Fr. Bruce quoted Theologian Adam Hamilton who stated, “sometimes in our lives the eternal seeps in like a wedding feast where relatives from all over have gathered to celebrate.” At the end of the night Adam Hamilton remembers going to bed with his wife after their daughter’s wedding saying, “You know that was one of those eternal experiences where everyone was there, that we will remember for the rest of our lives.”…In some ways last weekend was one of those experiences. God is good!

Take a look at the pictures from the celebration.