Outreach – November

We will be collecting used coats on November 21st during church until 1:30 p.m. They may be left in the coat closet, off the narthex, until the 21st. Outreach volunteers will be in the parking lot, across from the front doors, until 1:30 on the 21st should you forget to bring your donation to Sunday services. All sizes of gently used coats and jackets are welcome. Thank you.

Outreach for October

October will be dedicated to collecting children’s socks and underwear for FISH. 

We will utilize the same rubber tub in the Narthex that was used for project Yellow Ribbon and the personal care products. Thank you for your generosity!

Outreach for September

With all the devastation surrounding us because of Ida, we will be postponing this to a later date.



Please place your donations in the Narthex bin no later than Sunday, September 12th. We will also be collecting items in the parking lot on Sept. 12th until 1:30.

Suggested Items:

·         Shampoo & Conditioner

·         Moisturizing bath soap

·         Body Lotion

·         Oatmeal packets

·         Feminine Hygiene Products

·         Soup packets

·         Pouches of tuna/chicken

·         Emery boards

·     Peanut Butter/ Cheese Sandwich


·         Beef Jerky/slim Jim’s

·         Hair ties

·         Nuts/seeds/trail mix

·         Dried fruit/raisins

·         Salty snacks

·         Foot powder

·         Chewing gum

·         Hard candy

·         Deodorant (sticks only)

·         Tissues (Individual Packs)

·         Lip Balm / Chapstick

·         Pens

·         Socks

·         Toothbrushes / tooth paste

·         Dental Floss

·         Cards

No alcohol, chocolate, magazines, books, hotel toiletries, or batteries. No liquids, large items, or anything with metal. No shaving creams, gels, sprays as they may be restricted.

Outreach for June

The Outreach Committee will be holding a clothing drive on Father’s Day, June 20th between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. We will be collecting both children’s and adults’ gently used and new warm weather clothing in the church parking lot.

We are also in need of two volunteers to act as servers on the SHIP food truck on Wednesday, June 16th

You would need to meet the food truck in the Sacred Heart parking lot in Manville at 5:25 and stay until approximately 6:30 (we will also need two volunteers on July 21st and August 18th). Please email Marlene if you can help – mficzko@optonline.net.

Outreach for May

May is our month to work on Saturdays for the Food Bank. We will need at least three people each Saturday to distribute food outside the Pentecostal Church on Davenport Street in Somerville.  We need one person who can drive a van from Easy Street in Bound Brook to Somerville with the food.

Please contact Marlene by email if you can volunteer –  mficzko@optonline.net

So far we have only a few people who have volunteered so please consider spending a Saturday morning helping those in need. Thank you.